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Postpandemic Theater. Online Conference by Cornelius Puschke, Sophie Diesselhorst, Christian Rakow

Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) 2022 is pleased to present individual submissions created under the digital initiative…

Postpandemic Theater. Online Conference


by Cornelius Puschke, Sophie Diesselhorst, Christian Rakow

Country: Germany | Language: German  | Year Of Inception: 2020

About Postpandemic Theater. Online Conference

The Symposium „Postpandemic Theater“ was a three-day conversation event that took place online at the most threatening time to date of the Covid19 pandemic in November 2020. All event spaces in German-speaking countries were closed at that time. In response, the Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus, in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation, created the first large-scale opportunity to gather online to discuss the present and future of theater in the pandemic. At the invitation of curators Sophie Diesselhorst, Cornelius Puschke, and Christian Rakow, theater makers and theorists met in moderated panels that led into subsequent audience discussions. The discussions of each evening were flanked by short video statements by renowned theater makers and researchers.

“To date, it is impossible to predict how long-term and profound the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic will be on theater and society. The risk of infection makes encounters of many people the neuralgic point of the present. For the theater, this implicates that audiences are threatened. The pandemic is a crisis of assembly. In the past two years, theaters have had to change and reinvent themselves, adapt stages and halls to hygienic standards or expand their activities into the Internet. The symposium examined these changes and made an attempt to find out what a post-pandemic theater might look like.”

– Cornelius Puschke, Sophie Diesselhorst, Christian Rakow

The individual projects under Postpandemic Theater. Online Conference include:

Day I: “Die Krise der Versammlung / The Crisis Of Assembly”
The corona pandemic has radically challenged experiences of proximity and presence in the arts as well as in society at large. Places of assembly have been transformed into aseptic spaces that can only be entered under the strictest security precautions. Civil society meeting places have become crime scenes. What does the clinical gaze that is introduced here mean for social participation and will formation? What place do political forms of expression and art take in a society that must adjust to the pandemic condition as a permanent threat? How can we mediate between a culture of presence and an emerging screen society?
With Armen Avanessian, Bettina Milz, Shermin Langhoff und Leonie Bremer
Moderation Janis El-Bira

1 Theater Maker Arne Vogelgesang (internil)
2 Director Ersan Mondtag

Day II: “Pandemische Räume / Pandemic Spaces”
The pandemic atomizes the common space of the audience and the performers. Where once there was an unmanageable crowd of spectators, there are now monads of people on carefully demarcated islands of seats. How can spaces be constructed in the face of the pandemic that can be experienced as communal places? With what idea of hygiene does theater-making go hand in hand? And how do the new conditions affect what happens on stage?
With Janina Audick, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Wesko Rohde und Claudia Bauer
Moderation Elena Philipp

1 Playwright Sivan Ben Yishai
2 Cultural Scientist Sibylle Peters

Day III: “Nach der Pandemie? Vom Theater der Zukunft | After The Pandemic? About The Theater Of The Future.”

The pandemic has thrown theater back to venues both old and new, away from its traditional production sites. Open-air stages, drive-in theaters, and soccer stadiums became venues that were the first to be ready for play after the spring lockdown. Will this evasion become the new model case? Digital venues were also tested during the lockdown. There were Zoom performances, streaming live chats, Telegram participatory games, and more. What will remain of these network theater experiences? What extensions and shifts of the theatrical sphere hold promise? What transformations are the theater as a whole undergoing – also in light of the foreseeable financial pressures that will weigh on them post-pandemic?
With Matthias Lilienthal, Tina Lorenz und Frank Hentschker
Moderation Christian Rakow

1 Media theorist and artist Peter Weibel,
2 Actress Mavie Hörbiger
3 Philosopher Ludger Schwarte

About Cornelius Puschke, Sophie Diesselhorst, Christian Rakow

Cornelius Puschke works as a dramaturge, curator, lecturer and author. In close collaboration with artists he develops performances, festival programs, discourse events, workshops and texts.
Sophie Diesselhorst is a cultural journalist, critic and editor of nachtkritik.de. She studied philosophy (B.A.) and journalism (M.A.) in London and Berlin.
Christian Rakow is editorial director of nachtkritik.de. He studied German and philosophy in Rostock, Sheffield and Berlin. In 2010, he received his doctorate in literary studies from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster under Prof. Dr. Moritz Baßler.

The Conference was organized by nachtkritik.de together with the Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus Berlin and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

The Literature Forum in the Brecht House aims to initiate debates on the social function of art and culture and to offer a forum for contemporary literature in the field of tension between history and the present and in the confrontation with other arts.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is the green political foundation with projects and offices in over 30 countries.

nachtkritik.de is a German-language digital theater magazine. Since its founding in 2007, nachtkritik.de has always paid special attention to digital theater formats.

About The Festival

The Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) is an annual event showcasing films drawn from the world of theatre and performance. The festival presents experimental, emerging, and established theatre artists and filmmakers from around the world to audiences and industry professionals. The 7th annual festival will focus on work for the screen created by theatre artists during the Time of Corona. The festival will be held digitally from March 1st – 15th 2022.

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