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The Clap by 3A3 Productions

Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) 2022 presents

The Clap


by 3A3 Productions

Country: United States | Running Time: 5 | Language: English  | Year Of Release: 2020

About The Clap

When friend (a little cardboard puppet) wants to join in the 7PM clap for essential workers from the window of their apartment in New York City, they must get inventive to figure out a way to express their love and gratitude.

Created by: Rachael Balcanoff, Joseph Lymous, and Jon Riddleberger

With Music by: Cameron Orr

“In March of 2020 we found ourselves quarantined together as three queer artists in the midst of a global pandemic. Through living and working together we realized we shared an interest in creating community, employing empathy, making art… and of surplus of cardboard (from all our online shopping).

That’s when “friend.” was born.

We immediately fell in love with friend. We found ourselves rooting for them as they took on the big world with their mighty determination. Their imagined adventures helped us find freedom from our quarantined space. Like a miniature cross between Mr. Rogers and Macgyver, friend thoughtfully and practically confronts life’s complicated obstacles and emotions. In watching them do so, we in turn learn that we can do the same.

With all the chaos and division in the world around us, we felt it imperative that the world has a bit more “friend.”” -3A3 Productions

About 3A3 Productions

3A3 is a Trio of Queer Artists who have come together through the need to quarantine. We seek to nurture a habitat of creative cooperation where our varying skill sets and sense of resourcefulness come together to create playful, reflective, visually driven stories.

Together, we have made several shorts featuring our cardboard puppet, friend. We are also in development for a series based on the character “friend.” which we have been pitching to networks and production companies.

About The Festival

The Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) is an annual event showcasing films drawn from the world of theatre and performance. The festival presents experimental, emerging, and established theatre artists and filmmakers from around the world to audiences and industry professionals. The 7th annual festival will focus on work for the screen created by theatre artists during the Time of Corona. The festival will be held digitally from March 1st – 15th 2022.

Watch The Clap from March 1st to March 15th 2022 on the Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) website.

Support this film by 3A3 Productions by making a direct donation to them at the following details: Venmo: @Jonathan-Riddleberger

Read more about 3A3 Productions and The Clap at (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaKWEYmPvBunlkawvk7x9oQ) or get in touch at friendby3a3@gmail.com / Instagram: @friend.theseries

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